Short cut pasta production is performed with the short cut pasta production lines manufactured in accordance with modular system and technology. Water, semolina or flour are used as raw material in short cut pasta lines. With the help of the equipment designed for the purpose of the line, the production of spaghetti pasta in different lengths and thicknesses is realized according to the demands and needs of the customers. Management of the line is provided by “PLC Control System”.


This is the first section where raw material enters into the system. The raw materials delivered by the dosing unit are obtained as a homogeneous mixture as equal particles by means of the mixer included here. Thanks to the vacuum system inside, the air molecules or bubbles in the mixture are vacuumed and in the purest form, natural and yellow pasta dough is obtained.


This hive group consists of 3-leaf spiral and transmission group. The dough with a given pressure which is delivered to the existing group is evenly disintegrated by means of a 3-leaf spiral and the dough is transferred to the next production stage properly.


This unit is designed as cyclical to fit the short cutting line. It contains moulds and blade group. The dimensions of the mould vary according to the desired capacity. With the blade group designed according to the automatic centring feature, short-cut pasta varieties are obtained with the desired features through cyclical moulds.

SHAKER (Initial Drying)

The system consists of vibro motor group and chrome sieve system designed for the purpose of utilization. With the vibrating sieve system, it is ensured that the short cut pasta is dried with hot and dry air and it is enabled to prevent the loss of shape and sticking of the pasta.


It is designed according to the capacities of short cut pasta lines. The spreader is composed of ventilation system and movable banded layers. The drying unit is completely isolated from the external environment and all air inlets and outlets required for the purpose of the production are kept under control to improve the production quality. The short cut pastas transferred from the spreader group, to the moving “S” aluminium bands are dried according to the area where they are located, and with the hot air with the temperature value at different temperatures.


This unit uses the high temperature long pasta transferred by the drying unit to be cooled. It consists of a structure with a single body and different stage sections, completely isolated from the external environment. With the air system in place and the moving aluminium suspension band system, the pasta temperature is reduced to 20 – 25oC in the shocking unit. Thus, the short cut pasta is made ready for final packing outer process.